Play game called: Prove it, if you want to find our Illuminati group’s secrets.

Hahaha! You cant! You need to be getting too smart for this. The government WILL MAKE IT TOUGHER.

You will never COMPLETE. You have to find 3 keys and 3 doors there is a hint for the 1st key: it is in a maze………………………………….. and rest you find for yourself, and to get last key then you have to play a game ‘team work game’ – it is a door. And the key doors have skeletons in front of it. And there will be a code cracking. Each key you get for a door it shows 3 codes. Example: triangle, square and circle etc.

If you got the keys for all doors and you crack codes, then you can escape and find out just 10 % of our secrets. There are 9 codes because doors show 3 codes each. 3 x 3 = 9 .

And Don’t think about trying to hack us.

(Post written in 2nd half of 2017 – you can see how kinda silly I was, hehehe)

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