I had a great first time experience as a kidpreneur with pandainvasion in 2017 when I was 7. It taught me lots of things but most important was the value of freedom and independence.

Pandainvasion also took care of pocket money for 2 years for me. i still have some of it in my bank account 🙂

During the pandemic lockdown I was preparing a plan for launching something new. I was focused on two things. One of them was a social network or online club just for kids, of kids, by kids. I had and do have a lot of ideas for that.

I needed some help for planning it out and to actually do it in a way that will be cool stuff for all the kids that I know and those I don’t know. Luckily I have the best help in the world right at home only hehe. Baba.

For example, I have a huge friends collection on Discord and in my Roblox and Minecraft accounts and so many of them on youtube and other places also. Why don’t I bring them all together in one place. To share ideas and to have fun together.

And also so many other kids who want to exchange their thoughts, ideas and the awesome stuff that all us kids do everytime.

Make new friends – now especially when we cannot go out and play much like before.

My baba says that I have always been a happy puppy. Now I know a little bit what that really means.

So I am starting soon a place for kids called KIDSOCIAL and I am doing it because I want to make my world a better place. for me. Baba always says it starts with oneself. I understand this now. It is up to me to make my life and my surrounding better for me.

I’m gonna do just that!

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