Oh! what the heck, June 28 is over; well, next year prepare for hacking on Roblox.

Hacks: contagious, infecting, damage is too strong for normal anti-virus.

Members: fenix2020 ,P0W$N7D , Roblox_Nom , Baldibasicseducation , LOlEriS , Towelbag , Sir5u9 , SQWIRRTLE , Weed28194714 , AmazingSpIDAMAN , CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDY , Guest 666 , Daniel09 . Leader: illumingspecies. (protected site) HACKERS ONLY!

LOlEriS posted: Omg hahaha you can’t go in our site to defeat us >:) .
Weed28194714: Im a weed im a weed a strange leaf I can break through anti-virus. SQWIRRTLE: hehehehe .

fenix2020: its so evil that I can have fun in my bed sleeping. Watching TV.
Guest 666: I’d have super powers and a knife, come at me bruh.
AmazingSpIDAMAN: Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol you can’t get me, I’d shoot infected exploits at you!

Daniel09: im the ghost, I know

PinkSheep: I am contagious my hacks infect some of your apps that will take so long to load and doing ‘brain teaser’.

Next year, 2019 June 28, expect us!

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