Protection: Hello everyone, if you don’t want to get hacked then you have to join us. Join the game ‘prove it’. If you search on groups our hacking group will not appear, its hidden. You must know the code. You’ll find out in the game. There are 12 hidden stamps of letters to find out the code to enter the game.

Another game to meet us on Saturday , Monday , Friday , Sunday. 1:00. Those stamps are hidden around the map, find them and then say in chat ‘I got the 12 stamps’. There is a detector to see if you got it yes/no.

So don’t think we are stupid. No power ups to find those. No hacks allowed for other hacking groups. Our game is too strong. And dare you question where are those stamps? You have a tool that is a ‘stamp list’ – if you equip and click then a paper will come on your screen and show you how many stamps you got.

But no code until you say ‘I got the 12 stamps’ without, ‘and by the way you’re not the leader. You cannot choose what you want to be: infector , contagious, exploit. Operators or members will choose. Bye bye for next year to be hacked or not.

(Written in 2017, 2nd half)

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